Welcome to our web site.  We hope that you will enjoy your stay and visit again soon.

This web site tells the story of our campaign to get a skate park built in Finchampstead, a village just outside Wokingham in Berkshire, England.  Our campaign is called 'Finchampstead Skate'.

At the moment we do not have a skate park of any kind in Finchampstead.  If young people want to skateboard, ride BMX bikes, use in-line skates or scooters safely they have to travel miles to the nearest skate park.  Otherwise they must use the streets and risk injury to themselves or other people.

We are a group of young people who want to change this.  This web site describes what we have done so far and will show the progress that we make, as well as giving ideas of how to (or how not to) go about getting a local skate park built.  We have also included some information and reviews on other skate parks in the area and contact information so that you can email us your comments and letters of support.  In particular we would like to here the views of people living in and around Finchampstead.