A short introduction to BMX riding

BMX (which is short for Bicycle Motocross) started out as a bicyle version of motocross, with specially designed bicyles racing over dirt tracks with bumps and jumps. People soon discovered that small, lightweight BMX bikes were ideal for stunts and tricks, and Freestyle BMX was born. Freestyle BMX is now split into several kinds of riding, including Flatland (tricks on a flat surface such as tarmac), Street (riding on a street course with steps and other obstacles), Ramps (in a skate park or dedicated BMX park) and Vert (riding ramps or bowls with vertical or near vertical sides).

In 2008 for the first time BMX racing was included in the Olympic Games. Britains's best hope was women's world champion 19 year old Shanaze Reade, who reached the final but unfortunately came off her bike while attempting to overtake the leader and ended up last.

If you are interested in BMX racing, visit www.britishcycling.org.uk which has details of BMX racing clubs.

There are a lot of BMX riders around Finchampstead and Wokingham. Good places for Free-style Ramp riding are St Crispin's in Wokingham and Mill Park - Wild Ridings in Bracknell. Unfortunately so far there is nowhere provided for Free-stylers to ride their bikes in Finchampstead. BMX riders end up using the streets or car parks but we don't recommend this as there is always a danger of someone getting hurt.  (Some riders used to use the car park near the former Gorse Ride community centre, but this is now a building site for the new community centre).  Anyone who wants to ride ramps needs a willing adult with a car to drive them to a skate park.

We have discovered some good web sites.  For those who want to learn tricks try the bmx-zone.com site. Another site that has good videos is www.vitalbmx.com.

Beginners can buy a BMX bike from most good bike shops. More experienced riders can have their bikes custom build by using parts that are available from online BMX sites.

Remember that it makes sense to always wear safety gear when riding BMX.

                BMX is for girls too!                  An experienced rider can do tricks without a BMX