An introduction to inline skating

There must be lots of you out their who enjoy in-line skating and also many who would love to go in-line skating in Finchampstead but at the moment there is nowhere to skate. We hope that our campaign will result in a skate park being built that is ideal for 'aggressive' in-line skaters. (For those not in the know this is a form of skating involving jumps and tricks).

First, where do you get your skates? You should really get your first pair in a good sports or skate shop where you can be fitted for the right kind of skates for the type of skating you want to do. Skates for aggressive in-line skating usually have 4 wheels in a row and high supportive cuffs.

Fitness or recreational skates for distance skating or cruising around have wheels which are larger than the ones used for aggressive skating and have lower supportive cuffs.

You will also need safety gear - a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards. You may also need a seat pad because when you first learn you will spend a lot of time on your backside!

Having a friend to teach you is one of the best ways to learn but pay for lessons from an in-line skate school if you can. See There are some good web sites out there that will give you most of the information that you need. has good advice on buying skates and you can keep up to date with the British skate scene at (U.K. In-line Skating Association). For aggressive in-line skating is the best site we've found. It has everything from advice on buying skates to how to do tricks and cool photos and videos. There is an American free newsletter for in-line skaters. Sign on at

Right, now you have all the info. you need, all we need is a skate park! Please support our campaign and if you live near Finchampstead (in Berkshire) please sign our petition (contact us via the web site).