Raising the profile of our campaign, including a list of some of the newspaper articles and letters that we have written to promote our campaign


08/02/2007 - Reply to Tom's first letter to Wokingham Council.

04/05/2007 - Letter to Gorse Ride school asking if Tom could speak in assembly about the skate park campaign.

11/06/2007 - Letter from Gorse Ride school agreeing for Tom and Matthew to speak in assembly.

15/06/2007 - Article about the skate park campaign in the village magazine.

22/06/2007 - Tom and Matthew spoke to pupils at Gorse Ride school.

16/08/2007 - Article in the Wokingham News.

22/08/2007 - Article in the Wokingham Times.

26/08/2007 - Letter to the Parish Council telling them about the campaign.

22/04/2008 - Set up FinchamspteadSk8.co.uk website and advertised it with posters in local shops and supermarkets.

05/05/2008 - Letter to the Parish Council re a site and planning permission.

06/05/2008 - Letter to the Wokingham Council.

13/06/2008 - Letter to the Wokingham Council Parks Department.

18/06/2008 - Fliers asking for support for the capaign delivered locally.

04/08/2008 - Letter to Finchampstead Councllors asking for support.

30/11/2008 - Wokingham Winter Carnival

With the help of Ben Copley and Tom Briggs (with his Blendavenda bicycle-powered smoothie maker) we had a stall at Wokingham Winter Carnival.  Despite the rain there were lots of people there.  We got some more signatures for our petition and some new supporters.



04/02/2009 - Powerpoint presentation to Wokingham Council.  Several skate park designers and builders kindly gave us skate park designs to show the Council.

05/02/2009 - 'What kind of skate park would you like?' survey sent to local schools.

18/06/2009 - Article in Wokingham Times.