Our skate park reviews

Sandhurst Skate Park - Rating 3 out of 5

Sandhurst skate park is very good not just for skaters but for the whole family.  You could stay there all day.  There is a playground nearby with a massive sand pit for toddlers and an assault course for older children.  There is a playing field for games or picnics and a cafe so there is plenty for the rest of the family to do while the skaters use the skate park.  The ramps and half pipes are for beginners all the way to pro skaters and they are also good for BMX bikes and in-line skaters.


Wicked Wheels - Sonning - Rating 1 out of 5

Wicked Wheels is a new low level skate park suitable for beginners or intermediate skaters.  It is good for people who do not like half pipes or large ramps because there aren't any.  What is good about his park is that it allows skaters to develop their skills.  It has a wicked grind rail that is low enough for beginners to practice on.


Yateley Mini - Rating 1 out of 5

What can I say?  This is just a half pipe, but it is near a play ground which might be of interest to younger skaters.


Mill Park - Wild Ridings -Bracknell - Rating 2 out of 5 for skaters, 3 out of 5 for BMX riders

This park is mainly used by BMX riders.  It is not ideal for skateboarders but may be good for in line skaters.  As far as families are concerned there is a small cafe, burger bar and children's playground nearby.  There is also a lake to walk around.


Twyford Skate Park - Rating 2.5 out of 5

The ramps were very easy to use and I thought the beginners halfpipe was brilliant and I would strongly recommend it to people who are moving from beginner to intermediate.  The grind rails were ok but very difficult to ollie on to.  (Could benefit from skate wax).