Vote for the kind of skate park you would like.

We would like to know the views of people who would use a skate park in Finchampstead.  We have already conducted a survey among pupils of Nine Mile Ride School and Gorse Ride School.

Vote in our user poll (below right) to show which kind of skate park you would prefer out of the two popular types described below:


Most Popular Types Of Skate Park

Probably the two most popular types of skate park are:

(1) free-flow concrete skate parks

(2) modular metal-framed skate parks built of metal-framed ramps with a specially designed 'skatelite' running surface.  (Wood or metal running surfaces are available but not so good). 

Some features of skate parks built using these two types of materials are listed below:




    Very long (20 - 30 year) life with little to no maintenance.

    Almost impossible to vandalise.

    High resilience against bad weather.

    Preferred running surface for experienced riders.

    Suitable for any age group and skill level.

    All major outdoor competitions and events use concrete.

    Provides a flowing skate surface (not just up and down).

    More people can use it at the same time.

    Can include a street course with steps and grind rails.

    Less visible from the surrounding area.


Metal frame with 'Skatelite' running surface:

    Fairly long life (2 to 5 years) before maintenance is needed.

    Resilient against structural damage and vandalism.

    Low maintenance costs.

    Good ride characteristics.

    Lower initial cost than concrete.

    Can include a street course with steps and grind rails.